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Women entrepreneurship in Greece

Apostolina Tsaltampasi ; MBA, CEO of OECON Group Elizabeth Tzialla, MA, Head of European Projects Department of OECON Group, Thessaloniki, Greece

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This paper was prepared to show the position of women entrepreneurship in Greece. The methodology used is a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis of data. Collection of data was made by primary research (conduct of a survey among women entrepreneurs and women – to – be entrepreneurs with questionnaires and interviews) and by secondary research (collection and analysis of resources; papers, books, surveys, internet resources, etc). Currently, the development of Women Entrepreneurship holds a significant position for the future of the Greek economy, as the conditions have matured for a more active entrepreneurship involvement of women. Women today have strengthen their role in society, hold university degrees, count on their own forces and competences, got out from “family” isolation, combine family and working life and thus support to the maximum the productivity of the Greek economy. Even though, there is a significant rise of Women Entrepreneurship rate, still the position of women as entrepreneurs is far from being considered equal to that of men. Unfortunately, this is a persistent feature of the Greek market economy rooted in long-term gender discrimination. Undoubtedly, there are more opportunities especially for educated women to become entrepreneurs, even in male dominated sectors as prejudices against self-employed women have declined in some level. However, several occupations continue to be stereotypically associated with notions of masculinity and femininity and therefore women entrepreneurial activity is usually in services and trade. In conclusion, women in Greece experience a double burden because they are mainly responsible for care and domestic work while the renegotiation of gender roles and duties within families has not progressed and women entrepreneurship has a personal cost for businesswomen in their personal life.

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