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Institutional Twinning: Undiscovered Effects of Administrative ‘Trinity’

Lovorka Jonić Kapnias ; Sveučilište u Stocholmu, Odjela za pravni studij, Švedska

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The paper sheds light on the undiscovered effects of
twinning instrument. It explores whether the candidate countries
are but mere ‘importers’ of Europeanization in the
framework of institutional twinning and what the object
of importation really is. The paper is based on two main
assumptions: implementation of twinning projects enables
imposed transposition of the EU acquis and it opens
space for additional voluntary transfer of member states’
laws and institutions into candidate country’s legal and
administrative system. It may be concluded that voluntary
transposition of sophisticated objects, such as administrative
procedures and methodologies, managerial styles and
strategies and ‘ways of doing things’, is the most common
result of horizontal twinning cooperation. Practice, though,
reveals that the principle of administrative cooperation
between twinning partners is misbalanced, which disturbsthe triangular administrative model. ‘Twinners’ focus more
on transposition of institutional ‘non-acquis’ based on diverse
domestic administrative solutions than on the transfer
of legal obligations stipulated in the EU Directive.

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institutional twinning, horizontal and vertical cooperation, legal and institutional transfer

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