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Symmetry of mental foramen in a Croatian archaeological sample

Ivan Pavušek
Marija Šimović
Marin Vodanović orcid id

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The purpose of this research is to analyze the symmetry of mental foramen due to its size and location. The aim is to obtain data on the size and position of the foramen on skeletal Croatian population, and to determine whether there are differences between the left and right side of the jaw or between men and women. The study was conducted on digital photographs of skeletal remains of 54 adult mandibles (27 women and 27 men) recorded in standard lateral projection. Position of mental foramen is defined by the following average values: distance from mental foramen to the alveolar ridge of the mandible was 12.33 mm, to the lower edge of mandible 11.03 mm, to mental protuber 11.8mm, to the angle of the mandible 57.26mm. Average values for mesiodistal diameters were 2.29 mm, craniocaudal diameter 1.78 mm and scope of mental foramen 5.94 mm. The study did not show any statistically significant difference between the left and right side of the position and dimensions of mental foramen. There is a statistically significant difference between males and females.

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Mental foramen; Paleodontology; Croatia

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