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Statistical characterization of the hydrochemical data’s of groundwater in the arid land of Wadi AdDawasir area, Saudi Arabia : A probabilistic assessment

Yousef Habous Nazzal ; Department of Geology and Geophysics, College of Science, King Saud University
Nassir Al-Arifi ; Professor , Dept. of Geology & Geophysics
Taisser Zumlot ; Assistant Prof. dept. of geology & geophysics
Hossam Kishawy ; Professor and associate Dean , faculty of engineering, UOIT, Canada

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The main purpose of this research is to determine the quality of ground water in Wadi AdDawasir by the assessmentof 12 chemical parameters: pH, EC, Eh, TDS, TH, Ca2+, Cl–, HCO3–, Mg2+, Na+, NO3–, and SO42–. Statistical analyseswere carried out using descriptive statistics, histograms, and normal quantile plots. The SPSS 15 software package(SPSS Inc. 2006) and JMPIN (version 4.0.4) were used as the main statistical software. Many locations withinthe study area show thatf pH, EC, HCO3–and Na+ values exceed permissible limits. The concentration of anions isin the order SO42–>Cl–>HCO3–. Some of the analyzed parameters approach a normal distribution, as both their skewnessand kurtoses are close to zero. However, skewness for some parameters such as Mg2+ and HCO3–is high. Kurtosisfor most of the elements varies from moderate to low. Only pH, HCO3– and SO42– have kurtoses. Both the resultsof cluster tree and geochemical features of variables could be generally classifi ed into three main groups. Group1 is comprised of Na and SO42–. The relationships within this group are strong. Group 2 consisted of Mg2+, NO3–,pH, HCO3–, and Ca2+. The fact that this group has a close relationship with group 1 demonstrates that the increase inthe concentration of some elements could be the same. Group 3 is comprised of TH, Cl–, Eh, and EC.

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Hydrochemistry; geostatistics; histograms; normal quantile plots; Wadi AdDawasir; Saudi Arabia

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