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Archdeacon Thomas and the Restoration of the Diocese in Nin

Zvjezdan Strika ; Augsburg, Njemačka

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The seat of the Diocese in Nin was abolished at the synods in Split – in 925 and 927/28; Pope Leo VI (†928), confirming the decisions of the synods, ordered Bishop Gregory to move to Skradin. This transfer of the diocesan seat altered the ecclesiastic situation in Croatia; hence, the question is posed today regarding the exact date of the restoration of the diocesan seat in Nin. Based on the report from Archdeacon Thomas’s work Historia salonitana, the date was as a rule set in 1075, when papal legate Girardo summoned a synod. A critical study of historical sources indicates to very differing standpoints regarding the matter. Following a more thorough analysis of the situation, the presumption arises that the Diocese in Nin had indeed been restored much earlier, whilst at the synod, which was chaired by papal legate Girardo, this restoration received only legal confirmation.

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Diocese in Nin, restoration of the Diocese in Nin, Archdeacon Thomas, ecclesiastic situation in the 11th century

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