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Ser Micouillus Petri, draparius, civis Iadre – Life as a Sign of Time

Zdenka Janeković Römer ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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Using the prosopographical approach, the author explores the origin, operation, family relations, kinship, business relations and friendships of Mihovil Petrov († 1385), famous cloth maker from Zadar. In this context, the paper presents new data based on the lists of documents regarding Mihovil’s property inventory, and other sources. Building upon the basis his grandfather and father had set before him, Mihovil achieved exceptional business success and became one of the most distinguished and richest tradesmen and citizens of Zadar in the Anjou era. He evidently belonged to the Anjou party; two letters written by King Louis the Great to his advantage witness to this fact. Mihovil’s life is an example of the new position of citizen – tradesmen in Zadar in the second half of the 14th century – the Anjou era. In addition to investing in the profitable cloth trade, he also invested in land property, salt works and real estate in the city. His exceptional wealth was manifested in the quantity of real estate he owned, luxurious home design, as well as the cultural area – Mihovil owned a valuable library confirming his high level of education and the cultural engagement of the social class he belonged to in the life of the city. The paper further brings new data regarding the attribution of Mihovil’s books. The lists of documents regarding his inventory, which offer data on his business communication and methods, and the circle of his business associates, debtors and servants, have also been studied. The life and work of Mihovil Petrov remains a testimony of the life and work of an exceptional mediaeval man, whose success relied on a tradesman’s work ethics and knowledge, complemented with Christian and family values.

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Middle Ages, Zadar, cloth maker Mihovil, bourgeoisie, trade, culture, everyday life

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