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A typical victim of domestic violence in Croatia - socio-demographic profile

Maja Mamula ; Centar za seksualna prava, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ivana Dijanić Plašć ; Dom za djecu i odrasle žrtve obiteljskog nasilja „Duga-Zagreb“, Zagreb

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In the past fifteen years, domestic violence has been recognized as a relevant social problem in Croatia, which has resulted in a series of significant changes in society: the changes of legislation, provision of shelter and counselling for victims, research implementation, media campaigns, the development of prevention programs for children and youth, raising public awareness. However, there remain a number of questions and issues that must be overcome in order to provide adequate assistance and support to victims, as well as to continue to work on a more efficient combating of domestic violence.
Research has shown that there is a positive relationship between violent behaviour in adults and growing up in an abusive family, i.e. abuse during childhood. The current statistics on the reported violence and violent behaviour in Croatia, in which perpetrators were partners, reveal a significant increase compared to the time before the war. Experienced trauma poses a major problem for the entire society. In 2010, the Women’s Room, in cooperation with the Office for Gender Equality of the Government of Croatia, conducted a research: "The protection of the rights and providing support to victims/witnesses of domestic violence" in order to ascertain the actual situation and the need for protection of victims/witnesses of domestic violence. The aim of this paper is to provide a description of the typical victim of domestic violence, based on the data obtained from the above-mentioned research. For research purposes, a questionnaire was developed consisting of 52 questions (socio-demographic data, the experience of violence in childhood and in adulthood, the present experience, assistance for victims, reports of violence, perpetrator, experience with relevant institutions, the consequences of violence). Data were collected for 183 respondents, victims of domestic violence from across Croatia, who, at the time of the research, were accommodated in shelters for victims of domestic violence or visited counselling centers for victims. The results indicate that the typical victim of domestic violence can be any female of socio-demographic characteristics typical for the average younger middle age woman in Croatia. Considering the obtained results, it is necessary to continue to improve the interdisciplinary approach in dealing with issues of domestic violence, in order to combat violence, to provide adequate assistance and support to victims of violence as well as to protect their mental health.

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domestic violence, victim, profile

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