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Paul’s understanding of death according to 1 Corinthians 15

Ivan Karadža ; Biblijski institut, Zagreb

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str. 163-174

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Unquestionably, the doctrine of the resurrection is a foundation without which the Gospel message loses its purpose. However, the Corinthian epistle is an example that the message of the Gospel can be neglected. It happened to the church in Corinth because of the strong influence of the surrounding society. In this rich correspondence Paul’s approach is that of a spiritual father who
worries about the condition of the church in Corinth. He writes from his own experiences and knowledge about the resurrection in order to bring them to soberness and to restore their ways of thinking. This article is a reminder of truths that are necessary for the life of believers and which can be found in Scripture. At that time, and because of the challenges of contemporary ways of thinking, the truth about the resurrection can be neglected. That is why this article should be observed as a reminder of primary components of the
Christian faith.

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Corinthians; Resurrection; Faith; Pharisees; Sadducees; Greek philosophies; Death; Body

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