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Novel Fouling Measurement Device

D. Sinčić ; Kemprojekt, Zagreb City Holding, Zagreb, Croatia
B. Ribić ; Kemprojekt, Zagreb City Holding, Zagreb, Croatia
A. Caharija ; Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The novel device for measuring characteristics of the process that takes place when hydrocarbon liquids are subjected to elevated temperatures is described. The measuring cell has the form of a loop in which circulation is induced by a turbine stirrer. The stirrer contains magnets built into its blades, enabling mixing by a magnetic mixer positioned below the cell. No moving part protrudes from the cell. The fouling process takes place at the hot-wire probe positioned at the centre of the liquid stream. Thermo-graphic images of the cell with circulating liquid are used to establish the type of the flow within the cell. The tests were performed with various types of liquids and versatility of the device demonstrated.

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fouling, fouling probe, hot-wire fouling probe, furfural fouling

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