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Contributions to an Understanding of Human Settlement on the Island of Hvar in Prehistory

Alen Miletić

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str. 113-128

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The author publishes a new hillfort site on the eastern
side of the island of Hvar and compares the topography
to the south-west side of the island, where there
are caves in the immediate vicinity of hillforts and
tumuli. He underscores the toponyms of prehistoric
sites preserved on the island and their natural environment
to which humans in the Neolithic era adapted.
By establishing hillforts at strategic positions during
the metal ages, and particularly during the Iron Age,
the indigenes adapted the environment to themselves.
An example is the large and sturdy hillfort at the site
of the town of Hvar, at which graves with rich goods
from the earlier Iron Age were discovered nearby.

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Statute, toponyms, caves, tumuli, hillforts, Zastražišće, Hvar, Apulian Geometric pottery, jewellery from graves, earlier Iron Age

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