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Antique Spolia in the Benzon House in Vranjic

Nino Švonja

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str. 241-289

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The spolia in the Benzon family home, one of the
oldest houses in Vranjic, are considered in this work.
Its builders and residents installed antique spolia into
its structure to serve as construction fixtures, mostly
as decorative elements. The author first provides information
on the Benzon family and their house, and
then examines the origin of the finds and the types of
monuments. In the catalogue, the fragments are classified
based on type: stelae, altars, tituli, sarcophaguses,
capitals, columns and architectural fragments. This is
followed by a catalogue of all spolia which are today
built into the house. The spolia have been dated from
the first to third centuries.

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spolia, Vranjic, Benzon, stela, altar, titulus, sarcophagus, sculpture, capital, column and architectural fragment, dating

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