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Marija Vratarić
Aleksandra Sudarić
Rezica Sudar
Tomislav Duvnjak
Draženka Jurković
Zorica Jurković

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The breeding work on soybean at the Agricultural Institute Osijek has primarily been aimed at continued
development of new and better cultivars with higher yield potential in the maturity range of 00 to II.
Improving of soybean yield potential is based on the improvement of genetic basis of traits determining its
quantity and the application of conventional breeding methods used in self-pollinated crops, such as soybean.
The objective of this research was to evaluate genetic advance in quantitative performances - grain yield,
protein and oil content in grain as well as oil quality of recently developed soybean elite breeding lines, which
was done in comparative field tests with standards through the three-year period (2001 to 2003) in Osijek,
Croatia. Tested elite breeding lines have been developed from different hybridizations within the Institute's
soybean breeding program and selected on the basis of their performance. The grain yield and grain quality
value of tested genotypes was estimated through analysis of level and stability of grain yield, protein content
and oil content in grain. The tested materials which showed high level and good stability in all three
investigated traits, were subjected to the analysis of triacylglycerols. Statistical analysis showed that most of
the tested elite breeding lines had significantly higher grain yield, protein and oil content in grain relative to
the standards into MGs 00, 0 and I, as well as good stability in analyzed traits. There was a significant genetic
variability in triacylglycerols. Generally, these data indicate achieved genetic advance in grain yield and grain
quality of domestic soybean lines into MGs 00, 0 and I.

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soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill), grain yield, protein content, oil content, triacylglycerols, trait stability, RP-HPLC, genetic advance, maturity groups

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