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Izvorni znanstveni članak

Milorad Stojević ; Crikvenica

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Through various perspectives, this work has touched on the range of those ideas whose putting forward for discussion should be enabled through a new approach to the contemporary poetry of the chakavian variant of this century. Although certain problems do not only touch upon modern chakavian poetry but are of a broader aspect, it was necessary to present them due to the implications that they have in common with the basic understanding of the approachability to this poetry. From on side these are the, let us call them, »external« factors, in the first place the complex of glottophagia and everything it provokes and creates, and creates, and on the other hand these are the »internal« factors that refer to the inexplicable mythems which have been permeating it since the turn of the century like some immanent traits, though nobody has ever, not even closely, defined, described or clarified them.
Precisely these factors, the glottophagia and the inner contradictions, have had an essential influence on the development of contemporary chakavian poetry. Under glottophagia, however, we shall not only understand it as a desire to subordinate the language and treat it as inferior, namely submit it to a certain linguistic colonialism (:Calvet), but also a desire, or even a need, for broadening forms of various superiorities, namely predominance. Of course we should not conceal the fact that the participants in this process were themselves the partakers in chakavian poetical occurrences, mainly either because of their uncosciousness or else their being possesed with aims whose imagination attained the poetical.

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