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Self-Government Scope in Environment Protection

Gordana Horvat ; članica Državne komisije za kontrolu postupaka javne nabave

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str. 631-645

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Environment protection is a complex area in which local and re gional self-government units are continuously gaining in creased competences, obligations, and responsibilities. Thus, Croatia follows the processes in other countries that also transfer environment protection to local and regional self-governments’ scope of tasks. The author analyses the contents of regulations in dozen areas that can
be considered part of environment protection. These are the areas where the competences of local and regional units, national states, and the European Union over lap. Considering the limited possibilities and the nature of the issue in question, the author concludes that favourable results are possible only if all levels of government cooperate.

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local and regional self-government – Croa tia, self-government scope, environment protection, natural resource

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