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Need Analysis in General English Language Course

Mira Braović Plavša ; V. gimnazija „Vladimir Nazor“, Split
Ivana Bojčić ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Filozofski fakultet

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Curriculum for general English language courses should be created to fulfill the needs of the learners as well as to make the process of learning easier. In this paper we discuss the role of needs analysis in creation of the general English course and the application of the collected data while making decisions about its content. The need analysis research was conducted at two diff erent groups of B1 and B2 levels, with 56 people who attended general English language courses. The question-form consisted of closed-ended questions, where the fi rst part was concerned with learners’ needs for learning the language and its intended use, while the second part dealt with the course content and teaching methods. The research showed that collected data could be used to create general language course curriculum and to choose appropriate methods for learners, which would lead to better and more successful language learning.

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course curriculum; course methodology; course content

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