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Alcohol intoxication in drivers in road traffic accidents and violations

Tija Žarković Palijan orcid id ; Neuropsihijatrijska bolnica Popovača
Marijana Saliral ; Neuropsihijatrijska bolnica Popovača
Dražen Kovačević ; Neuropsihijatrijska bolnica Popovača
Marina Kovač ; Neuropsihijatrijska bolnica Popovača

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Road traffic injuries have become a global developmental and
health issue. One of the major risk factors for road traffic injuries and fatal
outcomes is driving under the influence of alcohol.
The aim of this study was to explore trends in the observed time period of
the share of accidents caused under the influence of alcohol in all traffic accidents
caused by motor vehicle drivers in Republic of Croatia. Outcomes
of road traffic accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol
were analyzed, as well as differences in outcomes depending on the degree
of alcohol intoxication. Trends in share of traffic violations for drunken
driving in the total number of traffic violations were examined. Data were
gathered for the time period from 1999 to 2012.
Special emphasis was given to traffic accidents caused by young motor vehicle
drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Ključne riječi

road traffic accidents; alcoholised drivers; traffic violations; young drivers; time trends

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