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Discipline of Narration: Andrea Camilleri as “Novelliere”

Srećko Jurišić ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Filozofski fakultet
Paula Župić

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This paper analyses for the first the huge corpus of short stories of Andrea Camilleri (b. 1925), the bestselling Italian novelist and short story writer. So far critics have examined mostly his novels (especially those with the inspector Montalbano “in the leading role”), TV shows based on his books, etc. They have left out his short stories. Camilleri’s complex linguistic solutions (the language he uses is a very peculiar hybrid of standard Italian and Sicilian dialect) have also been thoroughly examined by the literary critics. This article explains the genesis of Camilleri’s short story production and tries to penetrate into the poetics of his short stories. The discipline of the narration, in the novels but especially in short stories, appears to be the secret weapon of this Sicilian writer. It allows him not to lose the “sharpness” of his prose
and to keep his narrative voice well focused.

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Andrea Camilleri; formal discipline; Sicilian literature; short stories; poetics

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