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Contemporary Notes on Traditional Heritage in Cera

Marko Dragić orcid id ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Filozofski fakultet
Nikola Sunara orcid id

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str. 155-174

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Notes that can be found in this paper were taken in 2008 in the village of Cera which is located five kilometers from Unešić. In the paper contemporary notes on customs, rituals and folk beliefs connected to feast days throughout the year: Christmas Eve, Christmas, Epiphany, Carnival or mačkare, Palm Sunday, Easter, Saint Mark, Saint Pascal, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Peter, Assumption Day are listed and are given a multidisciplinary interpretation. Some of the customs and rituals have apotropaic and panspermic character. In some of the listed customs, rituals and folk beliefs we can notice some pre-Christian elements. There are also customs related to harvest, and a folk game called Stipane, bane, otvori vrata described in the paper. The former wealth of oral literature can be seen in the examples of: religious oral
lyrical poetry, basma, ojkalica singing, demonological tales of loda and mora, stories from everyday life and proverbs. The value of ojkalica was recognized by The United Nations when it was included in UNESCO’s register of intangible heritage in year 2010. The listed examples have an exceptional ethnological, anthropological and philological significance and are a witness to the former wealth of traditional heritage in Cera, which is disappearing.

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customs; rituals; folk beliefs; oral literary forms

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