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New Advances in Neutron Diffraction Studies of Molecular Aqueous Solutions

J. L. Finney ; ISIS Science Division, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot, Oxon, 0X11 OQX, UK

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str. 77-88

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Neutron scattering studies have played a major role in improving our understanding of the structures not only of simple single component liquids, but increasingly of mixtures and solutions. In addition to the improved quality of structural information available from neutrons (cf X-rays) resulting from the Q-indcpcndcnt neutron scattering factor and the ability to obtain high resolution information through access to high momentum transfer Q, the use of isotopes allows information at the partial correlation function level to be obtained. Using new pulsed spallation neutron sources such as ISIS at the UK’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, problems of recoil corrections which create difficulties when studying liquids containing light atoms - c. g. hydrogen - can be effectively overcome, opening up new areas of structural studies in aqueous solutions of chemical and biological importance. An example is described of recent work on the TMA Cl-water system, which has given us for the first time a detailed picture of a non-polar hydration shell, and information on both the expected ordering of the waters in this shell, and its perturbation by protein denaturants such as urea that are thought to operate through disturbing such hydration structures. Future work promises to throw much new light on the subtle balance between the competing polar and non-polar interactions that arc central to biomolecule stability.

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