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Electrocatalytically Relevant Surface Properties of Anodic Oxides: TiO2

Radoslav T. Atanasoski ; Institute of Electrochemistry ICTM and Center for Multidisciplinary Studies University of Belgrade 111001 Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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Photoelectrochemical, electrochemical, surface structural and compositional studies of Ti||Ti02 and RuC>2||TiC>2 interface are described. Anodic TiC>2 films formed on Ti substrate revealed the presence of rutile as the only identifiable phase. A kind of epitaxial relationship between the titanium substrate and slowly grown TiC>2 films was established. Thermally applied RuC>2 on the anodic films acted as a probe for the microstructure of TiC>2.
RU02 exhibited electrooatalytic and photoelectrochemical effect on
slowly grown oxide films and showed none on step grown films.
XPS and L.EED studies of single crystal RuC>2 and RuCtellTi interface showed that vapor deposited titanium reduces the always present Ru03 on the surface layers of RuC>2. The pseudomorphism of rutile RuC>2 and Ti02 yielded eventually to an epitaxial ordering of TiC>2 overlayer. The structures of the order TIO2 overlayers at the (100) versus the (110) face of RuC>2 were interpreted by the difference in their atomic arrangement.

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