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Thermodynamics of Binary Two-Dimensional Phases on Nearly Perfect Substrates

Francois Hommeril ; CNRS-Ldboratoire Maurice Letort F-54600 Villers-les-Nancy, France
Boyan Mutaftschiev ; CNRS-Ldboratoire Maurice Letort F-54600 Villers-les-Nancy, France

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We present some results on -stability and phase transitions of binary two-dimensional phases on the surfaces of nearly perfect substrates.
A simple theoretical model allows to get insight into the mutual enhancement of the condensation of the adsorption partners, resulting in the formation of two-dimensional mixture, and into the subsequent demixting of the layers, when the concentration of one of the components in the bulk phase continues to increase.
Both continuous and discontinuous demixing can be expectad, and other phase transformations, like two-dimensional solidification and melting, and/or different structural transitions, are possible when the molecules of the adsorbates have different shape and the substrate is not fully isomorphic with them. Some of the peculiarities regarding the physical realizations of the proposad model are shown on the example of the coadsorption of methane and krypton on exfoliated graphite.

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