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The Croatian cyrillic heritage in the works of the Bosnian franciscans from 17th century

Darija Gabrić-Bagarić

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The newly arisen literary language, the one that had been used in the 17th century Bosnian Franciscan literature, developed and ultimately formed by adopting linguistic elements from the literary and colloquial koiné from Dubrovnik of that time.
A large fund of religious literature that had been written in the Cyrillic alphabet, and stylistically quite diverse, was Matija Divković’s originator of the linguistic superstructure and ‘over-layering’ of the idiom he had used in his works. Adopted features entered Divković’s idiom through lexemes, rather than abstract system. The way the anthroponyms from the Holy Scripture had been adapted identically to the ones found in the literary language of Dubrovnik played a key role in investigating the relationship between Divković (Bosnian Franciscans) and the idiom of the old Dubrovnik prose. The analysis of nominal words has given us an insight into what Divković had been read- ing at that time, how he had been handling the »holy« text, and which old civil documents he had had access to.
That is why we are advocating the thesis claiming that the idiom of the Dubrovnik prose was one type of koiné, stabilised by standard usage, making it acceptable for utilising it outside of Dubrovnik’s borders. More specifically, it had been used as the basis of M. Divković’s idiom; by applying it in his works it had started functioning as a pattern (etalon), that would later on be followed as a model in works written in the Bosnian-Croat Cyrillic alphabet (»bosančica«) by Franciscan monks like Pavao Posilović, Pavao Papić, Stjepan Matijević, and consequently followed by other writers from the Franciscan Province of Bosna Srebrena.

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Bosnian Franciscans, Bosnian-Croat Cyrillic alphabet (»bosančica«)

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