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Croatian cyrillic books in the Collection of manuscripts and old books of the National and University Library in Zagreb

Ivan Kosić ; Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica

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The Collection of Manuscripts and Old Books of the National and University Library in Zagreb holds a special group among Croatian books in La­tin and Glagolitic script — a total of sixteen titles, i.e. twenty five book items printed in Bosnian-Croatian Cyrillic script. These are mainly translations and adaptations of the works of early foreign authors, chiefly church teachers and theologians, whose teachings were generally accepted in the catholic world.
The books were published in sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Venice, Rome, Urach and Trnava (Slovakia).
In the present work the books in Cyrillic are divided by their content: pri­mers, catechisms, legends about Mary, New Testament and theological, i.e. moral-instructive prose. The books are ordered chronologically by the publishing date. Description of each work contains a fully transcribed title, imprint and physical description, a copy of title page, description of binding as well as shelf mark of the location. Due to limited space, a detailed description of content had to be omitted.
The transcription of Cyrillic letters into Latin was based on the letter by letter principle, and accordingly some symbols were used that do not belong to Croatian graphemes like: ĵ, ĉ, ê, ь.
Subsequent notes in Cyrillic, Glagolitic and Latin are especially inte­resting, speaking about the fate and journey of an individual copy before it reached the National and University Library in Zagreb. These notes testify that learned Croats of the past times were well acquainted with and used all three scripts equally.

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Bosnian-Croatian Cyrillic script, Cyrillic books, National and University Library in Zagreb, Collection of Manuscripts and Old Books

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