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Beam Control with Active Reflectarrays

Juan Vassal'lo Sanz
Lorena Cabria
Jose Angel García
Juan Enrique Page
Helena Palacios Jurado
Antonio Tazón

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str. 35-43

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Active reflectarrays having beam control are presented in this paper. The steering capability is obtained by achieving different amplitude and phase of the scattered field from each reflectarray element, which is controlled by the use of an IQ modulator in some cases. An aperture coupled patch with perpendicular microstrip feeds is employed as radiating element. One of its ports is employed to receive the signal and the other to retransmit it with the phase and gain selected in the amplitude/phase control unit. The beam control can be also obtained by means of switching circuit. A laboratory experience with 1-bit reflectarray of 4 × 4 elements shows the beam control performance, and a study to simplify manufacturing process of 3-bit reflectarray is also presented.

Ključne riječi

active antennas, active reflectarrays, beam control, beam steering capability

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