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Planar Inverted-F Antennas Integrated into Small Multi-Standard Handsets

Tiago Gandara
Radoslaw Urban
Lucia Fregoli
Custódio Peixeiro

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Three small multi-band planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) elements are presented. They have been developed to be used in future small multi-standard handsets. Mobile communication (GSM1800, UMTS), wireless local area network (WLAN) (IEEE 802.11b, HiperLAN2) and wireless personal area network (WPAN) (Bluetooth) standards have been envisaged. A double layer structure with an air gap is used, to provide the required large bandwidth. Small ground planes with 100 × 40 mm2 and 60 × 40 mm2 are used representing nowadays one piece and two pieces small handsets. Prototypes have been designed, fabricated and tested. Good agreement has been obtained between numerical simulations and experimental results.

Ključne riječi

handset, microstrip patch antenna, PIFA, small antennas, multi-standard antennas

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