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Modernization (and/or Europeization) of Croatian Periphery – Examples of Istria, Lika and Gorski Kotar

Boris Banovac
Robert Blažević
Željko Boneta

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str. 113-141

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Modernization processes directly influence the structure of social space. Social space is understood as a symbolic and cultural reproduction of material and objective elements of sociability. Construction of a social space is always connected with power relationships since it includes universal concepts and preconceptions that, once accepted, become obligatory for members of the society. It is within this context that a relation between the center and the periphery also needs to be examined. The article's starting point is an understanding of periphery as a multidimensional space that might be structured according to economic, political and cultural dimension. In this sense, periphery does not necessarily need to be characterized by economic backwardness, insufficient political integration and cultural isolation. Peripheral quality of a particular social space is connected with the level of modernization in each of the three mentioned dimensions. Comparative analysis of historical and present development of three Croatian regions (Istria, Lika, Gorski kotar) demonstrates three different forms of periphery. Peripheral quality of Istria is primarily expressed in political dimension as a form of political mobility on regional basis that fuels a latent clash with the center. Lika represents a periphery in economic and cultural sense followed by political conformism to the center. In the case of Gorski kotar the most present is the economic dimension of peripheral quality together with political pluralism and multicultural patterns. The analysis leads to a conclusion that integrational problems of Croatian periphery cannot be resolved by simplified models of economic support and political dictate of the center; rather, they need to be structured according to dominant dimensions of peripherness in a particular space.

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