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Vedrana Gjukić-Bender ; Dubrovački muzeji, Knežev dvor, Dubrovnik

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The author writes about the frequency with which vedute, or representations of the town, are shown in paintings from the region, from the first record of a veduta in the 15th century up to the middle of the 19th century. These are paintings by local artists, mostly of St. Vlaho (Greek: Ayios Vlasios), Saint-Protector of this ancient town. St. Vlaho was most often depicted carrying a model of the old town centre in his hand. The model itself in time became a veduta and later a panoramic representation, which provided the basis for a composition painted in the foreground. Some foreign painters, commissioned by the people of Dubrovnik, have also worked on this theme. There are also several detailed examples of the veduta on its own, which have great documentary value. All these pictures have undoubted artistic value and invaluable documentary significance.

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