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Phase analysis of fume during arc weld brazing of steel sheets with protective coatings

J. Matusiak ; Institute of welding, Gliwice, Poland
J. Wyciślik ; Institute of welding, Gliwice, Poland
H. Krztoń ; Institute of ferrous metallurgy, Gliwice, Poland

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The article presents the results of research of the phase identification and of the quantitative phase analysis of fume generated during Cold Metal Transfer (CMT), ColdArc and Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas (MIG / MAG) weld brazing. Investigations were conducted for hot - dip coated steel sheets with zinc (Zn) and zinc-iron (Zn - Fe) alloy coatings. Arc shielding gases applied during the research-related tests were Ar + O2, Ar + CO2, Ar + H2 and Ar + CO2 + H2 gas mixtures. The analysis of the results covers the influence of the chemical composition of shielding gas on the chemical composition of welding fume.

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arc weld brazing; Zn; Zn - Fe coatings; steel sheets; phase analysis of fume

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