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Mass balance at partial run of quartzite carbothermal reduction

J. Węgrzyn ; Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy, Katowice, Poland

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Mass balance for the process of incomplete carbothermal reduction of SiO2 to SiC thermogravimetric studies was presented. Tests were performed for the molar ratio of C/SiO2 = 3 at a temperature of 1 500 °C under an argon flow in the range from 0,1 to 3,4 dm3/min. Mass balance includes the loss due to escape of SiO and the mass of reactants C and SiO2 due to stopping the reaction. The weight gain of Al2O3 crucible was found and also the formation of crust layer on the surface of the samples. The crucible weight gain and the weight of crust layer created were taken into account in mass balance.

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silica; carbon; carbothermal; reduction; mass balance

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