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A thermomechanical analysis of the multi-wedge helical rolling (MWHR) process for producing balls

Z. Pater ; Lublin University of Technology, Lublin, Poland

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This paper presents the results of a numerical analysis of the helical rolling process for producing 30 mm diameter balls using multi-wedge helical tools. The numerical modelling was performed by finite element method (FEM) using the commercial Simufact Forming v. 12 simulation software. The modelling was performed in a three-dimensional state of strain and included a full thermal analysis. As a result, the changes in workpiece shape as well as the distributions of strains, temperature, damage, loads and torque were determined. The numerical results confirm that balls can be produced by multi-wedge helical rolling.

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helical rolling; multi-wedge tool; ball; finite element method (FEM)

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