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STANISLAVA LAGINJA orcid id ; Opća bolnica Ogulin, Ogulin, Hrvatska
MARIN MARINOVIĆ ; Klinički bolnički centar Rijeka Sušak, Rijeka, Hrvatska
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BRANKA ŠPEHAR ; Opća bolnica Ogulin, Ogulin, Hrvatska
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The causes of wounds on lower extremities are numerous, but most often the cause is insuficiency in the circulatory system. A big problem in the diagnosis and healing is the small percentage of wounds that are not of circulatory etiology. Therefore, it is very important to know the differential diagnosis, and not just the healing techniques. Chronic wounds can occur together with systemic and metabolic diseases, so differential and aimed diagnosis is the right way to identify the cause of wounds that cannot heal with usual treatment. Some vitamin deiciencies, especially lipid soluble vitamins, cause changes on the skin which can lead to wounds if the body cannot supply them from food or food supplements. The phytochemical adjuvant therapy that acts synergistically to accelerate wound healing has been widely used in the past few years, and holistic approach to the patient has a priceless role.

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chronic wound, diagnostic procedures, diabetes, metabolic disease, diet, phytotherapy

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