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The Application of lR Thermography to the NDT and Thermal Stress Analysis

Lovre Krstulović Opara
Željko Domazet
Branko Klarin
Endri Grafulić

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str. 17-22

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Advantages of using Infrared Thermography as a Non Destructive Testing method is resulting in the growing interest for method in the field of composite structures. The presented research is focused on Glass Reinforced Polymer structures. Methods, such as Pulse Thermography, Pulsed Phase Thermography and Lock-in Thermography are re-ferred. The Pulse Thermography together with the gradient based approach is addressed for the case of wind turbine blades. The gradient based image processing approach enables filtering out anomalies with the goal to make clearer distinction and evaluation. The Ther-moelastic Stress Analysis, as a method similar to the Lock-In Thermography, is presented as an NDT approach for evaluating stress distribution of cyclic loaded structures.

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