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Stjepan Benzon's Serene Elegy

Vladimir Lončarević

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str. 255-264

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Stjepan Benzon (1921-1990) appeared with his first poems before the Second World War, to reach his poetic maturity in the 1960s when, having published his first collection, Sunce i sjenica in 1962, he appeared in the peak of the »second Moderna«, simultaneously with the generation of poets gathered around the Razlog magazine, with which he shared the hermetic free style poetics. He also published neorealist poetry, some in the chakavian dialect. He also wrote poems for children, and published the sonnet epic poem, Put križa. A large part of his opus is made of love poetry. He also wrote librettos, and some of his poems
were set to music. This paper is trying to show the basic typological and topological characteristics of his poetry, based on the collections of poems published from 1962 till 1994.

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Stjepan Benzon, »second Moderna«, Hermeticism, Neorealism, elegiacity

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