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The verbal prefix o(b)– in Croatian and Bulgarian: The semantic network and challenges of a corpus–based study

Ljiljana Šarić orcid id ; ILOS, University of Oslo, Norway
Svetlana Nedelcheva ; Shumen University, Bulgaria

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This study compares the verbal prefix o(b)– in two South Slavic languages, Croatian and
Bulgarian, from a cognitive linguistic perspective. We focus on the problems arising when
constructing the semantic network of this polysemous prefix, particularly on 1) isolating
the prefix’s meaning from the meaning of the base verb and 2) identifying core/dominant
sub–meanings for all verbs and giving them corresponding semantic labels. Our approach
to morphology is based on extensive databases of verbs collected from dictionaries and a
few corpora. However, our work with corpora led to a number of challenges. This study
thus has two aims: a) presenting challenges encountered in working out semantic networks
of prefixes, and b) presenting challenges related to obtaining reliable (quantitative) results
from the corpora.

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verbal prefixes o(b)–; Croatian language; Bulgarian language; cognitive linguistics

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