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Application of Fourier Transform Profilometry in Pulmonary Function Testing

M. Leonardi ; Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenija
M. Fležar ; UKC, Ljubljana, Slovenija
A. Urbanč ; Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenija
J. Lenarčič ; Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenija

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str. 223-231

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This paper compares Fourier Transform Profilometry, a computer based technique for automatic 3-D measurement, with conventional Moife techniques. In Moire contouring techniques two gratings are used to generate Moire fringes. In contrast to that in FTP a grating pattern projected onto the object surface is Fourier transformed and processed. Results are analysed and some alternative tests are presented. In addition to that an application in medicine is proposed for pulmonary function testing. Several measurements of lung relaxation pressure by observi ng the depression of skin between ribs have been performed.

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Fourier Transform Profilometry, Moire contouring techniques

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