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Glucosinolate Profile of Croatian Stenoendemic Plant Fibigia triquetra (DC.) Boiss. ex Prantl.

Ivica Blažević orcid id ; University of Split, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology, Department of Organic Chemistry, Teslina 10/V, 21000 Split, Croatia
Gina Rosalinda De Nicola ; Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria - Centro di ricerca per le colture industriali (CREA-CIN), Via di Corticella 133, I-40128 Bologna, Italy
Sabine Montaut orcid id ; Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biomolecular Sciences Programme, Laurentian University, 935 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, ONP3E 2C6, Canada
Patrick Rollin ; Université d’Orléans et CNRS, ICOA, UMR 7311, BP 6759, F-45067 Orléans, France
Mirko Ruščić ; University of Split, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology, Teslina 12/V, 21000 Split, Croatia

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As part of our ongoing investigation of the stenoendemic plants belonging to the Brassicaceae family, we report on the chemistry of Fibigia triquetra (DC.) Boiss. ex Prantl for the first time. Different plant parts (flower, leaf, stem, and seed) of F. triquetra were characterized and quantified for glucosinolates (GLs) according to the ISO 9167-1 EU official method based on the HPLC analysis of desulfo-GLs. A taxonomic screening showed that F. triquetra contained relatively high levels of C-4 GLs, namely but-3-enyl GL (gluconapin, 1a), 4-methylsulfanylbutyl GL (glucoerucin, 3a), and 4-methylsulfinylbutyl GL (glucoraphanin, 5a). GC-MS analysis of the volatile fractions obtained after enzyme hydrolysis and/or HPLC-ESI-MS of intact GLs confirmed the GL profile. Four minor GLs, namely isopropyl GL (glucoputranjivin, 6a), sec-butyl GL (glucocochlearin, 7a), pent-4-enyl GL (glucobrassicanapin, 2a), and 5-methylsulfanylpentyl GL (glucoberteroin, 4a) were also identified and quantified while 4-methylpentyl GL, 5-methylhexyl GL, and n-heptyl GL, were tentatively identified by GC-MS of their degradation products. Based on the major, as well as the minor GLs, this study shows differences in chemotaxonomy between F. triquetra and the related Degenia velebitica (Degen) Hayek as well as other investigated species of the genus Fibigia.

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<i>Fibigia triquetra</i>; Brassicaceae; glucosinolates; desulfo-glucosinolates; isothiocyanates

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