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Josip Mesec ; Geotehnički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Varaždin, Hrvatska
Denis Težak ; Geotehnički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Varaždin, Hrvatska
Mario Grubešić ; Geotehnički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Varaždin, Hrvatska

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The method of improving clay soils using explosives is poorly explored considering potential benefits that can arise from its use. The compaction of cohesive soils with explosive charge may in practice have beneficial economic effects. An example of direct benefit is the stabilization of clay slopes in various construction purposes though anchoring.
With detonation of explosive charge, the released energy creates a strong pore excess pressure and intense vibrations. In doing so, the natural structure of the soil is being destroyed resulting with cavities in the clay soil. Also the soil compaction is increased with reduction of mass per volume. After the formation of the cavities in the soil with explosives, the cavities are incorporated with a steel anchor and filled with injected concrete.
The improvement of primary clay coherent soil can be determined by field and laboratory research. Preliminary field geophysical research with the use of geophysical and seismic methods will result in initial useful data on the composition of the layers of observed depth profiles.
Drill holes are used for placement of the explosive charge, and the construction of projected mines, whose activation creates spherical cavities in the soil. The size of the spherical cavity is determined by deep borehole camera. The surveys are intended to determine the optimum type of explosive and geometrical blasting sizes that achieve optimal results in terms of the size of the spherical cavity and its surrounding improvement area.

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clay soil, improvement, spherical cavity, anchoring

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