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Differences in the knowledge and attitudes between students of technical and nursing studies towards alcohol and alcoholism

Tena Malčić orcid id ; Visoka tehnička škola, Bjelovar, Hrvatska
Marija Kudumija Slijepčević ; Studij sestrinstva u Bjelovaru

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Alcoholism is the most common type of addictive behavior. Every year the age limit is pushed and more and more young people reach for alcohol. The problem of excessive drinking and alcoholism in Croatia
is one of the leading problems in public health. The research conducted at Technical College in Bjelovar, on the sample of 141 students in nursing and mechatronics, about their habits, knowledge and attitude towards alcohol led to the results that show notable difference between those two study programs. Students filled out an anonymous online survey that included 39 questions related to the socioeconomic status of the individual, drinking habits, knowledge about alcohol and students’ attitudes towards alcohol and alcoholism. The given results showed more positive attitude towards alcohol and higher tendency of irresponsible behavior by students of Mechatronics. It is noticed that students have negative attitude towards alcohol only if they consume it under the influence of society. Alcohol consumption under the peer influence leads to morenegative attitude towards alcoholics among nursing students, while mechatronics students have a positive attitude. All in all, nursing students have positive attitude towards those suffering from alcoholism and they are willing to work with them whereas it is not the case among mechatronics students. The negative attitude towards alcoholics, tendency to consumption and little knowledge of consequences of consuming alcohol can be justified by high tolerance of our society towards consumption of alcohol, absence of effective program of addiction prevention and quality education of all study programs.

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nursing, alcoholism, alcohol addicts, students

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