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Experience with Hysterical Paralysis of the Legs in Abstaining Alcoholic

Tija Žarković Palijan ; Neuropsihijatrijska bolnica "Dr. Ivan Barbot" Popovača, Hrvatska

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str. 147-150

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A 39-year-old patient, a tailor, married with two children, who had abstained from alcohol for some time, was brought to neurological clinic with paralysis of legs. Paralysis had set in during a phone conversation. He lived about 30 miles from the hospital and his colleagues carried him from work to the car and then to the neurological clinic. A neurologist sent the patient from her clinic for psychotherapeutic intervention. The intervention, in a spontaneous hypnotic trance lasted for a few minutes and was successful. The
patient could walk again and has not relapsed since nor had a paralysis of legs anymore, but he has occasionally felt a pressure in his chest. He was abstinent for 20 years. Alcoholics who continue abstinence, even for years, often experience difficulties that they do not know how to deal with, so they react in different ways. Psychotherapeutic treatment in abstinence can affect the quality of life. Experts in the field of alcoholism should assess the situation and include the abstaining patients in better programs that will contribute to a better quality of life.

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alcoholism, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, quality of life

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