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The relationship between hearing impairment in wood cutters and years of work with power-saws

Z. Rački ; Dom zdravlja, Rijeka, Hrvatska
M. Vukelić ; Dom zdravlja, Rijeka, Hrvatska
V. Levar ; Dom zdravlja, Rijeka, Hrvatska
M. Stipanović ; Dom zdravlja, Rijeka, Hrvatska
A. Štimac ; Dom zdravlja, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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str. 319-327

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The degree of hearing impairment and hearing loss were evaluated in a group of 167 wood cutters by years of work with power-saws. A total of 403 audiograms taken between 1977 and 1986 were analysed. Total exposure to noise and vibrations from power-saws was 24 years. Hearing impairments were classified as light, medium, severe, very severe and extremely severe. The investigation showed that hearing impairments did not occur during the first three years of work, but tended to take place between four and six and between 10 and 15 years of exposure to noise and vibrations from power-saws. Fourteen cutters, out of 167, with the most severe type of hearing impairment were forbidden further work with power-saws.

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