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Corrosion behaviour of stainless steel in contact with wine and beer

V. Alar ; University of Zagreb, Croatia
B. Runje ; University of Zagreb, Croatia
F. Ivušić ; University of Zagreb, Croatia
A. Horvatić ; University of Zagreb, Croatia
M. Mihaljević ; University of Zagreb, Croatia

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The effects of wine and beer on the corrosion behavior of AISI 304, AISI 316 and AIS 316Ti were investigated using the electrochemical and gravimetric methods. Physical and chemical parameters of wine and beer were determined before and after the immersion of the steel plates. The corrosion behavior of materials was evaluated using the conducting cyclic potentiodynamic polarization measurements for localized corrosion. The corrosion potential (Ecorr), and the pitting potential (Epit) were determined through the application of the cyclic polarization method. Changes caused in the values of the roughness parameter Ra by immersing the samples into electrolytes were also studied.

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corrosion; stainless steel; containers for wine and beer; cyclic potentiodynamic polarization; surface roughness

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