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Susceptibility testing for welding of AlMg alloys intended for extrusion

J. Borowski ; Metal Forming Institute, Poznan, Poland
J. Sulej-Chojnacka ; Metal Forming Institute, Poznan, Poland
H. Jurczak ; Metal Forming Institute, Poznan, Poland
D. Leśniak ; Metal Forming Institute, Poznan, Poland
H. Dyja ; Metal Forming Institute, Poznan, Poland

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The objective of research was to determine the weldability, using Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) of extruded sections made of hard-deformable 5xxx series aluminum alloys with differing magnesium content, i.e. AlMg3, AlMg4,5, AlMg5, AlMg7. Welded joints were obtained as a result of a welding process consisting of several steps. Only welds characterized by very good appearance and quality were selected for tests. As a result of conducted research, TIG welding parameters were determined for sections with a thickness of 8 mm. It was observed that alloys of differing Mg content are characterized by high weldability and do not exhibit a significant reduction of the yield point. Moreover, joints exhibit uniform hardness distribution in the welded joint and heat-affected zone. Tensile strength is reduced.

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TIG welding; AlMg alloys; parameters of welding; tensile strength; hardness HV01

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