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An initiative for the autonomy Herzegovina with the aim of weakening Radic's influence on the 1925 parliamentary elections

Ivica Glibušić ; Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Mostaru

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The results of the 1923 parliamentary elections announced a fierce campaign for the next elections in February 1925. Dissidents of HRSS led by Matej Kordic tried to capitalize their good results in the 1923 elections through the aggressive promotion of new elections. They were supported by the Serbian Radicals, and to attract voters in Herzegovina, they focused on the idea of the autonomy of Herzegovina in their campaign.
Major political confrontations, when it comes to Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, occurred between HRSS and HPS, both of them aiming to obtain legitimacy for representing Croats in political life.
Despite the support of the Franciscans at the 1925 elections, HPS in Herzegovina suffered a complete debacle, gaining not a single seat. On the other hand, HRSS led a campaign against all - the regime's authority, its dissidents and HPS, achieving thus absolute victory among Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, HRSS won 67 seats, whereas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they won 10 seats (4 in Herzegovina, 6 in Bosnia). Radic's dissident Matej Kordic suffered a heavy defeat in the electoral district of Mostar, winning only 103 votes. Belgrade authorities, dissatisfied with the electoral victory of HRSS, announced that after the proclamation of election results an armed rebellion occurred in Herzegovina followed by the persecution of non-Croat population. Due to such allegations, additional police and military forces were sent to Herzegovina, which after some time denied there had been any rebellion. The election results gave HRSS the right to represent Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina in public and political life.

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HRSS (Croatian Republican Peasant Party); HPS (Croatian Folk Party); dissidents; autonomy; election campaign; political candidates; election lists; political party promotion; elections; Mostar district; election results

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