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The Drivenik fragment of the Glagolitic Breviary of the 15th century

Marija Agnezija Pantelić

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The Drivenik fragment of the Glagolitic Breviary of the 15th century
The half-page of the Drivenik Glagolitic breviary (Driv) contains five lessons from the speech (sermo) of St. Augustin the Bishop which are read on the office in the honour of the many martyrs and not the bishop. The Old Church Slavonic text contains a discussion on two biblical oppositions from the Psalms 116,6 and 11: dragocjena je smrt pravednika (Precious in the eyes of lord is the death of his loyal ones) and svaki je čovjek lažac (Every man is a liar). How to ecxlude the martyrs from the last statement? The solution is given in the Gospel according to Luke 23,42-43 where Christ promises that the Holy Gost will answer before the courts instead of the accused.
The defectiveness of the Driv text is reconstructed and compared with the places with the same content in the II. Novi Breviary. Only language variations exist. Driv has no ikavian forms but shows other language innovations: the vocalization of the semivowel which gives a, the abandoning of the consonant cluster žd and jat gives e, especially in the prefix pre. The morphologic innovations can be noticed only in the 3. person singular present where the ending -tь had been dropped, and the lexeme časь-hora replaced the old Church Slavonic word godina.
The preservation of jat, as well as its reflection in ekavisms without the occurence of ikavisms which can be seen in the liturgical text of Driv, is confirmed also in other 15th century Glagolitic documents and records as well as in the name of the district Drivenik. This name has the forms Drêvenik, Drevenik, Drvenik. From the 16th century the documents have the modern ikavian form Drivenik which implies that the Driv fragment has maybe been written in the same ambient at the end of the 15th century.
The script shows a skillful calligrapher who, with a lot of discipline, places Glagolitic lettres between the two lines.

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