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Divided Representation of World War II (1941-1945) and the War in Bosnia and Hercegovina (1992-1995): Women in Lašva Valley in Bosnia

Snježana Šušnjara ; Central European University, Budimpešta, Mađarska

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The attempt of this work is to present Lašva valley, region in Bosnia and Hercegovina with the majority of Croatian population during the Second World War and the recent war in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Lašva valley is presented through the eyes and narration of its own inhabitants, mostly women who were victims and witnesses of the Second World War and/or the war in Bosnia and Hercegovina, 1992-1995. By avoiding victimization and romanticisation, this article has the aim to reconstruct the insights and experiences of two generations of Croatian women in Lašva valley. The war memories from Lašva valley are presented chronologically through their narratives. It is important to emphasize that the author was only interested in psychological traumas, due to the fact that this topic is so vast. Consequently, the other dimensions of life were overlooked and left for further research.

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war; victims; witnesses; women; different armies; forced memory; hidden memory; forgetting; refugees; national identity; reality; woman's role and position; history

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