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Neuromarketing in Market Research

Dijana Ćosić orcid id ; Hendal d.o.o., Zagreb

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str. 139-147

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Neuromarketing is a fairly new discipline that combines behavioural psychology, economics and consumer neuroscience. With the help of different techniques, such as functional magnetic resonance, electroencephalography, positron emission tomography, eye tracker etc., it measures respondent’s reaction to different stimuli. It allows the researchers to gain insight into unconscious drivers of choice and preference which they would not be able to discover with traditional methods (focus groups, in depth interviews and questionnaires). In market research, most widely used neuromarketing technique is eye tracker. Me and my associates conducted a typical market research study of a TV commercial with a help of a stationary eye tracker and “Gazepoint” software. 21 respondents participated in the study. The study discovered that one scene in the commercial drew attention much more than the others. As neuromarketing raises ethical issues I reviewed the literature related to these issues and presented an overview of neuromarketing and neuromarketing techniques as well.

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neuromarketing; eye tracking; market research; ethics

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