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Quality handover of nursing services at the bedside of patients in relation to the handover in nursing room

Nada Tadić

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The transfer of service of nurses is a very important part in the whole process of health
care for the patient. In this communication relationship, that takes place in department twice in the
24-hour period, very important is a transfer of responsibility of the patient from one to the other
team. The traditional form of handover shift consists of one-way communication between two teams
of nurses on all the important information related to the health care of a patient in his absence. Faced
with the need to change the traditional handover, and based on the experience already conducted
research, we proposed the new model of the handover to the patient’s bed. The model used to convey
clinical information about the patient and allow the individualization of care. The patient should be
placed in the center of all events, allowed him to ask questions. Nurses provide better access to care
that is needed for the patient which would lead to its continuity and consistency.

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nursing service, handover, transfer of service

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