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Medicine and Philosophy

Branko Despot ; Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 1-6

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Medicine and philosophy are no self-comprehensible givennesses; they rather, both of them, become possible only within the analysed onto-chrono-logical structure of anything that might come to be at all. The impossible-to-be-born or freedom, the unborn as the unborn or God, the possible-to-be-born – impossible-to-be-killed or the gods; all of that needs neither medicine nor philosophy. Only in the eyeshot of the possible-to-be-born – possible-to-bekilled (plants, animals, humans), in the sphere of nature, lies the emergence of a freedommediated possibility of being healthy or ill, and, at a higher level, the spiritual-historical possibility, enabled by radical freedom, of being true or untrue, just or unjust, and medicine as care for proper natural and philosophy as care for the spiritual-historical, true life of all that exists. Within the idea of universality, along with theology and law, philosophy and medicine take care of the true, just, healthy and proper life of the unborn, yet possible-to-beborn nation, which they belong to according to their utmost determination.

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philosophy; medicine; health; illness; death; truth; justice; university

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