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Health impairments in iron cast cleaners

Z. Rački ; Dom zdravlja Rijeka, Hrvatska
M. Vukelić ; Dom zdravlja Rijeka, Hrvatska

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str. 297-304

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From 1978 to 1984 among 120 cast cleaners working in two iron smelteries 29 complained of white fingers, paraesthesia of the fist and forearm, and of the pain in the forearm, fist and elbow. They were referred to the Centre for Prevention, Diagnosis and Assessment of Working Capacity for confirmation of diagnosis of occupational impairment due to vibration. The following tests were done: cold test, digital plethysmography, electromyography of the upper extremities, radiographic examination of the lungs and audiometric examination. In evaluating the vibration caused impairment the duration of vibration exposure from pneumatic tools and vibrating equipment was taken into account. Impairments were observed as early as in the first five years of work on cast cleaning. Impairments that appeared after a protracted or very long exposure to vibration were as expected. The complaints received from the greatest number of cast cleaning workers were specific and indicative of vibration syndrome. Pathological findings of digital plethysmography were established only within the first 15 years of exposure and these were mainly functional vascular disorders in the fingers. Furthermore, the symptom of white fingers was confirmed by changes in digital plethysmography in a far greater number of workers than by cold test.

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