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Dental arch dimensions and palatal height in children with Turner syndrome

Cvetanka Bajraktarova Miševska
Mirjana Kočova
Lidija Kanurkova
Gabriela Curcieva, Cuckova
Marija Maneva
Emilija Valjakova

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Introduction: A complete or partial absence of an X chromosome in girls with Turner Syndrome (TS) has an impact on dental arch morphology. The aim of this study was to analyze the sizes of dental arches as well as the height of the palatal vault in patients with TS, and to determine the influence of various karyotypes on the study variables.
Materials and methods: The study population sample consisted of 40 TS female patients, aged 9.2 to 18 years, and 40 healthy females aged 9.3 to 18 years, as the control group. The TS patients were subdivided according to karyotype (monosomy X, mosaic, and isochromosome). Dental arch width and length, and palatal height were measured directly on plaster dental casts.
Results: The results showed differences in the dental arch dimensions between TS and control groups. The maxillary dental arch was narrower and shorter, but the mandibular arch was shorter and of normal width in the TS group. The palate in TS patients were normal in height and did not differ from those of the control subjects. Although the dental arch dimensions and palatal height were slightly reduced in mosaic and isochromosome karyotypes compared with those in 45,X females, the investigation revealed no significant differences between the karyotypes.
Conclusions: Our findings indicate that the reduction of X chromosomal genetic material in Turner syndrome females results in the reduction of dental arch dimensions, which is further reflected in the increased frequency of malocclusion in these individuals. Importantly, this study demonstrates that palatal height is normal, contrary to some reports in the literature. It is further significant that the TS karyotype does not affect dentoalveolar morphology and palatal height.

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Turner Syndrome, Dental Arch, Palatal Height, Dentoalveolar Morphology

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